If you ended up on this page, chances are you are curious about paramotoring and that's a good thing. ppgSAFE's goal is to get you in the air by providing you with proper training using an organized USPPA syllabus and proper training techniques. The education you receive will include flight time, but a significant amount of training on flight theory, airspace, regulations, aeronautical decision making, and weather.

Lessons typically take place on Weekdays after 4pm and on select weekends in Whatcom County. Please call to discuss your scheduling needs.

About your instructor Andy

USPPA Certified Flight Instructor - Foot Launch + Wheel Launch

USPPA Tandem Exemption - Foot Launch + Wheel Launch

USHPA P3 - USA Paraglider Rating

HPAC P2 - Canadian Paraglider

FAA Certified Flight Instructor (Airplane CFI and CFII) -

National Board Certified Science Teacher -

Masters in Science Education -

Over 20 years of Science and Aviation Teaching Experience -